As soon as you pass under the great gateway you immediately feel protected by the high walls.

As you come round the drive, more often than not surprising bobbing roe deer, you will discover the Grotteaux , sober and majestic in its verdant setting on the banks of the River Cosson.

As you read the Latin quotations that greet you over the front doors you realise that they are an invitation to feel well in this place (TECUM HABITA) and to do whatever your fancy takes. (ARBITRII HIC TIBI IVRA IVI).

When you read the saying CARPE DIEM on the face of the sundial you realise that you are being politely requested to make the most of the moment.

When you read PERENNET UT AMNES on the facade overlooking the Cosson you realise that the chateau will last there as long as there is a river.

When you walk into the great drawing room and are greeted by Guillaume Ribier, whose portrait hangs over the fireplace, you will be amazed by the interior decorations and curious to translate the numerous Latin maxims that he has left for us there.

And so you will be profoundly touched by the beauty, the simplicity, and above all the serenity of the place, Guillaume Ribier’s personal paradise, dedicated to peace and intelligence.

All this is why, for the last four hundred such a special atmosphere has prevailed at the Grotteaux.