Carpe Diem * in the Loire Valley

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Chambre Guillaume Ribier - Château des Grotteaux


The Grotteaux is not a chateau to be visited like a museum. It is a chateau that is lived in and all the objects around you have a personal significance – it might be the memory of a loved one, of a journey, of a day spent in Paris, a moment shared, or of an enjoyable read.

The living rooms and bedrooms have been restored and decorated to create a welcoming, authentic, comfortable, warm, soft, elegant, harmonious, surprising, luxurious, original, restful, simple, useful and voluptuous atmosphere!

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La Commanderie

La Commanderie is a charming 19th century pavilion to be found at the entrance to the grounds of the Grotteaux.

Comprising a sitting room, a kitchen, two bedrooms each with their own bathroom, it is presently undergoing renovation and will be available from July 2017.

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